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In the XX century, the Soviet Union became the first space power. The exhibition «Cosmos: birth of new age» is an exciting story about Russia working its way up from the drawings of avant-garde artists and formulas of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky together with Sergei Korolev's experimental projects to artificial earth satellites, spacecraft and unmanned exploration missions to distant planets. The suits of the first cosmonauts, interplanetary landers, personal belongings of Gagarin are presented

at the exhibition. All these have played a role in the unique achievements of Russian space exploration and has led to the fact that Russia remains one of the leaders in the development of interplanetary space today. Interest in space still has not decreased, but what is waiting for us in the XXI century? Space tourism or settlements on the Moon? Manned flights to Mars or private space flights? Only those who find the courage to be curious will find the answers. They were always found by the outstanding pioneers of space.


300 ₽ — Adult

100 ₽ — Seniors, students, childrens (7–16)

Free — for children under 6, orphans, persons without parental care, disabled, veterans of WW, large family

Tuesday to Sunday 11 am to 10 pm, Monday — closed


Details of the Soviet Lunar Program, everything about the launch of Sputnik 1, peculiarities of life on the Earth's orbit and many other things can be discovered on our tours. We offer tours for individuals (from 1 to 6 people, 2,000 rubles for the entire tour, plus 100 rubles for each participant for the exhibition entrance ticket) and groups (from 7 to 20 people, 350 rubles per person) for children and adults. You can book a tour via e-mail or by phone +7 495 780-60-27 from 10 am till 7 pm on weekdays.